I think that photos are a ticket into another world, a way in that can change, expand, delight and heal us.

My father loved to photograph, and he would get out the carousel and my family would watch slides of all the places we had been to and the important events he had captured. I started taking photos of my friends and was drawn to working in black and white. (I love color now as well!) That sparked my fascination with portraiture.

I also adore animals and have a fabulous rescue dog named Cherry. One of my projects I am most proud of is creating a team of photographers to take pictures of rescue pups and rescue alumni for a fantastic organization in NYC called Mighty Mutts. We put together a calendar for the group along with a release party and were featured in Cesar Milan's magazine Cesar's Way.  We were able to help the organization defray veterinary costs, provide needed supplies and some of these animals even found forever homes as a result.

Here is where I discovered that photography can actually make a difference.  It can be a call to action.

What do you want to make happen, and how can I support you in doing that with my photography? I am excited to find out what you are up to!





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